Why FOREX PROFIT BOT is THE BEST Forex robot ever?

There are many Forex robots for sale now. But none of them could replace a real, experienced trader. Until now. Notice that 99% of the Forex robots are scalpers. That means they only aim for a few pips of profit, they trade very fast and open trades in random direction.

Some of them found a few tradable patterns, for example, similar moves in the certain time of the day. They could really be profitable in the perfect world. Some of them are just a piece of rubbish code.

There is one thing other robot makers don't want you to know - market noise, abnormal volatility, broker quotes error, connection errors, dynamic spread - these things, which are normal for everyday Forex trading, will turn "scalpers super profitability" fairy-tale into ashes. The only way to make influence of these factors insignificant is long-term trading. All successful Forex traders are long-term traders. They laugh, when they see a new scalper robot is trying to prove something.

It's hard to believe, but seems like we are the first who thought of a simple idea - robot shouldn't struggle with strange and unexplainable moves, it should trade like a human! Not every human, of course, but a professional long-term trader.

We have taken a profitable strategy already tested for years, coded it into a robot and polished it to the perfect condition. This attitude surely was worth a try. We couldn't believe our eyes when we have seen the results. Since the very beginning of the Euro currency it has made

21 MILLION dollars out of just $1 000

in the 14 year test simulation. That's 2 100 000% of profit! This is the first time Forex robot shows so great results, and, what is more important, results have never been so realistic, because no market noise or difference in different brokers quotes can significantly change this performance.

This astonishing profit was achieved with only 195 trades! That's ~1,1 trades a month, in average. Some scalpers make thousands of trades a year, but none of them can compete with Forex Profit Bot in the final result for any significant period of time, even in their perfect world with the perfect market conditions.

We are not going to tell you how great your life will become, when you will earn great amount of money. We are sure you know better how to spend it. We just think the best advertising for Forex Profit Bot is this video of visual history test:


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